Grand opening

Yesterday the Agrikultura exhibition opened. Very nice opening, a lot of people and good art at the venue.
There are now 90 plants in the ground at my ‘parcel’. They have been sitting there for a week, and they thrive. Many have grown to the double sixe within a week. In this photo I think it becomes obvious that dandelion is a sallad plant.

The blue sticks look good in front of the sea-buckthorn which is growing on the site.


And these are the mappings we used today. They are made by my son, beautiful. Can’t read all the numbers but what the heck, go there and see for yourself :).

Dandelions on the move

I’m now taking up a large number of plants at the croft. They are planted in pots made of newspaper paper and placed in the shadow to rest. Each plant is numbered and registered on a map, to ensure it will be replanted in the same position at the new site in Hyllie.

The recessed area

There is a recessed area in the terrain at Hyllie. The top soil layer has been removed. These are the traces of archaeological excavations that were made about 15 years ago. In the excavations, leftovers from old settlements were found. These stem from
younger neolitic, or peasant-stone age (about 3000 years BC). It was during this time people began to grow land in Skåne.

In the recessed area, the boundaries of the croft in Klippan have been marked out with four posts, in scale 1: 3. Within the selection, the dandelions are planted in the same position in relation to each other as they grew at the croft (but in a 1:3 ”setting”).
The four posts are possible to see in the image above, with some blue colour on top (click on the image to get a bigger view). The hatched rectangles in the image below represent buildings at the site in Klippan.

What I thought were dandelions

To my surprise, my ”dandelion” plants are blooming, with flowers that hardly could be perceived as dandelions. It turns out that all my plants are Capsella bursa-pastoris (in Sweden it is called Lomme). I guess my project is in some sort of crisis right now. I wanted white and pink flowered dandelions but I have a bunch of Lomme. I can see some small sprouts that might be dandelions but it’s hard to tell.

After a period of thinking I asked myself; what do I have? Well, I have a lot of native dandelions. The initial idea of growing dandelions and then move them to the site in Hyllie is intact. But I wanted different looking, spectacular, white or pink flowered, red or white/green leaves. The difference now is that the local dandelions are already available for me, I don’t have to breed them, just pick them up, replant them and move them to the new site. But I have to give up the spectacular side of my idea, which feels like a right thing to do. See About-link.

May 7th

A rare white-flowered dandelion, taraxacum albidum, is coming up. It is said to grow distinctively bitter foliage. I’ll try a snippet next week, better let it grow right now.

May 1st

Today I noticed three very tiny red sprouts in a row in on of the cases for the rubrifolium. Red-leaved dandelion. So they are on their way now!

April 29th

It has been a very cold spring and I guess my dandelion seeds are late to germination. Are these small sprouts dandelions or something else? Of course I can tell that some are something different but I can’t say if there are some which are dandelions. I have to wait.