What I thought were dandelions

To my surprise, my ”dandelion” plants are blooming, with flowers that hardly could be perceived as dandelions. It turns out that all my plants are Capsella bursa-pastoris (in Sweden it is called Lomme). I guess my project is in some sort of crisis right now. I wanted white and pink flowered dandelions but I have a bunch of Lomme. I can see some small sprouts that might be dandelions but it’s hard to tell.

After a period of thinking I asked myself; what do I have? Well, I have a lot of native dandelions. The initial idea of growing dandelions and then move them to the site in Hyllie is intact. But I wanted different looking, spectacular, white or pink flowered, red or white/green leaves. The difference now is that the local dandelions are already available for me, I don’t have to breed them, just pick them up, replant them and move them to the new site. But I have to give up the spectacular side of my idea, which feels like a right thing to do. See About-link.